Few Videos Got Me Hooked on Qt

When I recently did research on UI Designer tools for my previous post I was hooked up into Qt world just by a few videos I’ve seen on YouTube.

And now I’m willing to share my impression with you.

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++ or QML, a CSS & JavaScript like language. Qt Creator is the supporting Qt IDE

Introducing Qt Quick for Stunning UI Creation

In this video Justin Noel, Senior Consulting Engineer at ICS gives a detailed overview of Qt Quick, and how to create killer user interfaces using a combination of Qt Quick, C++, and PhotoShop. See also part 2 on YouTube

Qt on Android

In this video Alessandro Portale gives a detailed overview on how to get your first Qt application built for and running on Android.

How about iOS?

Match’em Poker is a Nokia showcase example application that demonstrates an efficient way to implement a sprite-based 2D game using custom animations with Open GL ES 2.0.

This project studies porting of an OpenGL ES game from iOS to the Qt platform using Qt GameEnabler with minimal efforts, and similar porting to Windows Phone/XNA as well.

This example is hosted in a Nokia Developer Projects, http://projects.developer.nokia.com/matchempoker, where you can find implementation and porting notes, discover recent revisions, and contribute to the project.

See also Qt SDK for iOS

How about 3D?

This is a tutorial which shows how to create a QtQuick3D application.

Livecoding video effects with Qt5

A few minutes of 720p livecoding video effects in Qt5/QML with “quint” application using a 720p version of Big Buck Bunny as raw material.

Qt5 includes support for OpenGL shader effects on video streams using the QtMultimedia MediaPlayer and VideoOutput QML Items.

Everything is running on a low-end netbook PC (Acer Aspire One 522 with AMD C-50/Radeon 6250) using Ubuntu

More videos

There is much more Qt related videos on YouTube, just check out the following channels: