Does Bootstrap Lack a UI Designer?

UI Designer is a kind of RAD tools to enable quick and easy development of user interfaces. Often integrated with some backend technology allows not only quickly prototype interfaces, but also implement final solutions with no further investment.

Originally focused on desktop environment, e.g.:

It also applicable to mobile:

…and web:

Bootstrap from Twitter provides simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions. In other words, it’s a front-end toolkit for faster, more beautiful web development.

It well documented, organized and keeps growing.

But what the problem?

The Problems

1. Collaboration

Early or late manager, designer and coder must collaborate, which is easy to say then do.

Everyone seeing an idea in it’s world views which is not always easy to match. It creates critical barriers for successful evolution of an idea or even killing it…

2. Packaging

At some circumstances customized version of Bootstrap might be required, you probably familiar with a Customize Bootstrap tool which has various options and supposed to help you build Bootstrap edition to fit your needs, but how do you know which components are necessary and what if you changed mind later?

And while it’s ok to have full version in local/dev environment, it’s a good practice to reduce unnecessary items in production and UI Designer would be very helpful at.


Bootstrap reminds me desktop development where UI Designer’s is a life savers and therefore I believe such tool could simplify web apps development as well or even make it more enjoyable.