Navigating Your Gems Code in Vim

Once again Tim Pope made my day, this time with two vim plugins and one ruby gem:

After installing above you’ll be able to use the following shortcuts to navigate the code in your gems and bundles:

  • Ctrl+] - jump to the method definition
  • Ctrl+T - go back

Simply open any of your project, position cursor to some method and play with above commands.

Autocompletion with Ctags

The tags file produced by Exuberant Ctags can be used for code completion, simply press <Ctrl+X><Ctrl+]>, it works fairly good with the same setup, but not as smooth as for code navigation, unfortunately, unless I’m missing something.

Anyway if you find it good enough and also using supertab.vim than you can switch your standard-completion method with :SuperTabHelp and set it to “tags”.