Helper function to start new tmux session with the name of current directory

There are many promising tools that helps with bootstrapping tmux sessions, but this simple function, originally shared by Chris Toomey from thoughtbot, beat them all :)

function tn() {

    if [ -z "$1" ]; then;
        session_name=$(basename `pwd`)

    tmux new-session -s $session_name -n 'main'

Once added to ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc, etc., you can start new tmux session as simply as typing the following:

> tn

And it will take the name of current directory.


php-fpm 0.6.2 cookbook released

With the help of all great contributors and particularly @ameir we reached 0.6.2 release today, which, among others changes and fixes, introduces definitions similar to LWRPs, so, no more testpool automatically setup ;)

Please, make sure to checkout updated Usage section in README.


Develop like a pro with VirtualBox

Here I’m going to demonstrate how to utilize the power of VirtualBox among with Infrastructure Automation Tool like Chef to develop your next Magento powered project in a production ready environment without bloating your personal PC with extra services which you might never need otherwise.

Basically we’re going to mount working tree directory of our web store into VirtualBox instance build with chef-solo and corresponding cookbook.

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TDD with Meteor: mocha-web

I been doing research recently on test driven development practices and tools for developing web applications with Meteor platform. While there is no official TDD approach, at least at the moment of writing, I was able to find several techniques contributed by growing community.

Here I’ll start with mocha-web which is smart package available through the Atmosphere repository.

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From Pull Request to Staging

One of my responsibilities on the work I do for the company, decided to remain anonymous, is creating a Staging environments for the new features and QA branches, but recently we were run into great features push and therefore such activity become a headache.

Now I’m looking for a solution and willing to share some finds :)

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