Localtunnel Alternatives

Localtunnel lets you expose a local web server to the public Internet.

But since the project is officially down what alternatives do we’ve?

Here it is

1. ngrok

ngrok - Introspected tunnels to localhost

My favorite and officially recommended alternative to the original Localtunnel project. Free features is just awesome and fairly enough for my day to day work, however there is even some prettiest paid features for quite affordable price ;)

2. localtunnel

What? Didn’t you say that localtunnel is down?

Yeah it is, however this one is different localtunnel on nodejs project, please follow the link to learn more :)

3. forwardhq

forwardhq provides tunnels as service which start from 5$/mo and has trial period, seems reliable, however the pricing model isn’t quite flexible especially if you rarely need the service, such as twice per year, etc.


Know more alternatives? Please share in comments below :)

Thank you!