Growing web apps, guided by tests

Exploring “Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided By Tests” in context of web applications development with Rails and rich UI. I keen to build sample app but am I on the right track or missing the point?

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Efficient iteration of the new feature

Developers often presented with the problem followed by complete UI design or specification, which, beside the original problem, often covers additions which might improve overall user experience regardless the level of importance.

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Get access to printers from web application

Let’s say we’re developing web-based POS system, where receipts needs be printed on the special kind of printer, but we don’t want user to deal with printer confirmation dialog, which will appear each time receipt need be printed due to the nature of web browsers.

Things will get even more complicated when we find that POS workplaces has to be equipped with tablets instead of normal PCs

How could we eliminate those issues?

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Add validation of uniqueness for the existing attribute

Let’s say we have a City model and corresponding UI enabling user to manage the list of cities, eventually we discovered that forgot to add validation of uniqueness for the city names and some users was able to create duplicate entries.

No panic! Let’s fix it now!

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